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July 28, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

By Anthony Capkun, Editor

mt_ignoreWith so much stuff out there on the internet, it’s becomes difficult to distinguish the good from the bad; what’s posted objectively, and what’s just fluff. This is why EBMag.com endeavours to be your first pitstop on the information highway.

Everything that’s uploaded to EBMag.com is first assessed for relevance,
then edited for objectivity. From there—be it a news item, Career
posting, product or solution, etc.—you are free to click and visit
anything of interest.

And there’s simply so much going on at EBMag.com that, when you visit,
you should spend some time clicking here and there to see everything we
have to offer. For example, our digital magazine editions are uploaded
shortly after the physical magazine actually mails out and, if that’s
not your thing, you can download PDFs of entire issues.


Our Videos Page is constantly receiving new content: some of it
submitted by industry, and the rest produced by EBMag’s own staff and
reporters. Our Newsletter page (E-Line) contains all back issues, and a
handy button for signing up, too!

You should also explore some of our other properties, like Distribution
& Supply
, L’industrie électrique, NETcomm and, most recently, Energy
Management Canada
, which recently came into the EBMag.com.

In the coming months, look for even more action at EBMag.com, including
weekly newsletters, surveys, tools and widgets, and more. As always,
feel free to contact me directly with your thoughts.

Anthony Capkun, Editor

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