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EBMag.com among the Top 15 Canadian B2B magazine websites

April 13, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

John MacPherson

April 13, 2011

EBMag has just learned that its website, EBMag.com, has been included in Top 15 Most Visited Websites for Canadian business-to-business (B2B) magazines. Like other professional organizations, Electrical Business (including its website) submits itself to rigorous third-party auditing—in this case, to BPA/CCAB.

“First and foremost, a big thanks to our loyal magazine readers and regular website visitors. They are the ones who truly deserve the credit for our achievement,” beams Anthony Capkun, editor of Electrical Business, adding, “They not only take the time to visit us regularly online to spend time with our community, but they also refer others to EBMag.com for its regular news updates, multimedia reports from industry events, and so much more!”

“Not unlike the industry we serve, which requires third-party certification for electrical products, Electrical Business believes whole-heartedly in third-party scrutiny for itself,” asserts John MacPherson, publisher of Electrical Business. “Integrity, legitimacy, transparency… that’s how we choose to go to market.”


BPA uses page tags to measure traffic, and strips out bot/spider and internal traffic before releasing its numbers. In essence, BPA has created the most stringent, objective measurement possible for validating website visitor statistics.

“We’ve invested, and continue to invest, considerable man-hours and resources into our digital product offering,” adds MacPherson, “so it’s really gratifying to receive third-party recognition of our efforts.”

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