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When you buy a LEDVANCE or SYLVANIA product through your local distributor, a portion of the proceeds helps bring light, hope and support to veteran warriors. This makes you a LIGHT WARRIOR with LEDVANCE! The Light Warrior incentive is another way to give back to our community. All donations will be supporting the Homes for Heroes Foundation.
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Delta Transformers specializes in the design and manufacture of Dry Type Power transformers of up to 15,000 kVA and 34.5 kV class. With its modern plant and equipment, Delta Transformers caters to all your power transformer needs. Delta Transformers power transformers are ideal for industrial, institutional and commercial applications.
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Mersen is excited to announce the expansion of its line of Amp-Trap 15.5kV E-rated bolt-in transformer fuses. By expanding the coverage of the bolt-in mount fuses at the 15.5kV voltage class to 10E-300E ratings, Mersen can now provide superior protection to a wider range of applications. The 15.5kV range includes single, double, and triple barrels, all with a 3-inch diameter (size D). End mounts are designed for bolting directly to equipment bus or terminal pads.
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You’re working a job. Your phone rings. Do you:
  • Stop working and answer the call.
  • Ignore the call and miss out on new work.
ServiceForge’s virtual receptionists offer a third way…

They answer your calls so you can get:
  • New leads around the clock
  • Time off the phone
  • More satisfied customers
Talk to our team today to start winning more jobs without losing work time.
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Installing these devices in new construction or renovating later, there’s a lot to like about Square D switches and receptacles. For the switches you may change the look without removing the device from the wall or touching the wiring. Interchangable rocker plates and snap on screwless wall plates allow colour changes to match the decor.
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