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When you buy a LEDVANCE or SYLVANIA product through your local distributor, a portion of the proceeds helps bring light, hope and support to veteran warriors. This makes you a LIGHT WARRIOR with LEDVANCE! The Light Warrior incentive is another way to give back to our community. All donations will be supporting the Homes for Heroes Foundation.
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Delta Transformers specializes in the design and manufacture of Dry Type Power transformers of up to 15,000 kVA and 34.5 kV class. With its modern plant and equipment, Delta Transformers caters to all your power transformer needs. Delta Transformers power transformers are ideal for industrial, institutional and commercial applications.
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MDC DC Distribution Fuses are full-range fuses capable of safely interrupting currents ranging from 200% of nameplate current rating up to their maximum interrupting rating. MDC fuses can be used to protect the branch which includes the DC cabling and bus, along with any specific pieces of equipment.

DQS DC High-Speed fuses are intended for backup protection only, for specific pieces equipment such as but not limited to AC/DC inverters, converters, sensitive semiconductor components, etc. DQS fuses are designed to operate much faster and at higher current levels than MDC fuses while providing a lower clearing I2t.
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Make your business 24/7 and compete with the best. ServiceForge’s contractor receptionists make sure you answer every call and capture every lead.
  • Manage calls, appointments, leads, and more 24 hours a day
  • Answer after-hours - evenings, weekends, and holidays included
  • Capture and qualify every lead to maximize your sales performance
  • Affordable alternative to hiring in-house customer service reps.
Talk to our team to see how many more jobs you could win!
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