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EECN spring Training Workshop schedule

January 27, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

The Energy Efficiency Contractors Network (EECN) has announced its spring Training Workshop schedule, which you can view HERE at EB’s online CALENDAR.

EECN Training Workshop was developed by a training development
subcontractor under the direction of EECN contractor association
members (which include the Electrical Contractors Association of
Ontario [
ECAO] and Ontario Electrical League [OEL]), and includes the following:

Techniques used by energy management firms (EMFs) to identify potential
energy efficiency (EE) opportunities, quantify the annual energy cost
savings, and evaluate the capital investment.

• How to prepare and price a proposal for an energy efficiency retrofit package.

Methods for quickly finding concise, comprehensive information on
incentive programs offered by energy utilities and governments,
applicable to specific building types and contractor trades, through an
exclusive EECN online information portal.

Background data on energy efficiency characteristics of specific
building types and technologies that fit within a contractor’s trade

• Meeting local energy utility contacts.

CLICK HERE for more information, or visit our CALENDAR to download the registration form.

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