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Electrical Industry is HUNGRY FOR CHANGE

August 15, 2008  By Anthony Capkun

mt_ignoreCanada’s Electrical Industry is galvanizing around a common cause: to feed hungry children in both Canada and impoverished nations in the world.

It all starts on World Food Day, October 16, when caring Canadians share a meal together in support of children affected by poverty. It’s fun. And important. And deliciously simple.

take part, you can host, attend or donate in support of the Canadian
Electrical Industry’s Hungry for Change Campaign—whether it’s down the
street or across the country. A casual dinner party, a BBQ, a catered
affair, a themed event or an online experience—however you choose to
break bread to break the cycle of poverty for children, you’ll make an
important difference in their lives.

by volunteers from Canada’s Electrical Industry, Hungry for Change is
an ongoing campaign that will provide fun opportunities to get together
with friends while raising funds for vulnerable children. Your support
will provide lifesaving nutrition for children in Canada, Bolivia,
Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

initiative was prompted by the global rising costs of food, fuel and
other necessities. Determined to share their success with those less
fortunate, leaders from the Canadian Electrical Industry have come
together to make a difference. The Hungry for Change Committee
currently comprises: Wayne Donaldson (chair), Steve Elsdon, Mike
Gentile, Grant Meadows, Elaine Gerrie, Dick Roney, Mary-Ellen DeForest,
Carol McGlogan and Dave Syer.

more about this initiative
in the August edition of Electrical Business
in the Editor’s message, as well as the upcoming September edition. (Updates will also happen online here, as well as E-Line, EB’s free newsletter.) You
can also click HERE to visit Canada’s Electrical Industry, Hungry for



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