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Emerson expands line of Greenlee carbide-tipped hole cutters

November 22, 2019 | By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

EmersonCourtesy Emerson.

Emerson has announced the expansion of its Greenlee carbide-tipped hole cutter offering. The design of the product features a split point cobalt steel pilot drill, which helps accurately place the hole, and the stepped nature of the pilot drill helps prevent over-drilling while protecting cutter teeth. Tungsten carbide teeth “make for easy cutting while providing maximum life in stainless steel and producing round, burr-free holes.”

The product is available in two styles – a traditional one-piece and a quick-change offering for added convenience. The one-piece hole cutters combine an arbor and cutter, which Emerson says creates a durable body able to withstand repeated job site use. It is available in two sets and/or 14 individual sizes ranging from ¾-inch to 4-1/2-inch in diameter.

The quick-change offering includes a push and turn connection, using a separate arbor for a variety of cutter sizes to help lower the cost per hole. It is available in three sets and/or 25 individual sizes ranging from 5/8-inch to 4-1/2-inch. The carbide-tipped hole cutters use tungsten carbide teeth to reduce friction, which generates less heat, eliminates the need for cutting oil and requires less physical force. The product also features an ejector spring to automatically remove the slug once drilling is complete.


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