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Energy storage takes centre stage – EBPowerCon 2021

June 11, 2021 – As we push toward decarbonizing our society, renewable energies are naturally propelled into the spotlight, yet their intermittent nature remains a vexing problem. Enter the holy grail called energy storage, which serves as the missing link between intermittent energy sources and reliable supply.

Jim Fonger, vice-president of Asset & Advanced Technology Development at Ameresco Canada, joins EBPowerCon to demystify energy storage, and explain how it is an integral component of distributed energy resources and microgrids.



The EBPowerCon Cybershow & Expo was launched by the team at Electrical Business Magazine for Canada’s professional electrical community—contractors, engineers, maintenance, and related stakeholders—with the goal of shedding light on trends and technologies so as to empower them with knowledge and insight into markets and opportunities. Visit EBPowerCon.ca.

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