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EXCLUSIVE EBMag St Johns Rehab documentary – Special Unveiling

March 21, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

mt_ignoreTWO WEEKS AGO, we told you about a special video project we’re working on: a documentary about St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital, in which we interview Dr. Joel Fish, chief medical officer, as well as well as several therapists working under him, to learn more about the important work they do for our injured colleagues.

Now we’re pleased to report that this important documentary will be unveiled—in its entirety—at a special industry event in the coming months… but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out which one!

So why is it important to learn more about the work being done at St.
John’s? Research, first and foremost. St. John’s has launched a
progressive research program to rebuild lives through innovative rehab
care. By combining patient care with research, it will evaluate and
develop new, beneficial treatments that allow patients to return home
sooner and in better health.

The St. John’s team is probing many innovative areas in rehabilitation
care, including neuropsychological impacts following an electrical
injury. To this day, electrical injury remains largely misunderstood;
while everything may look fine on the outside of a victim of electrical
injury, victims can experience long-term neurological dysfunctions, like
muscle fatigue, weakness or loss of sensation. They may have difficulty
doing simple things, like walking or using everyday tools.


The medical community needs to be aware of these findings to ensure
people can get the treatment they need following an electrical injury.
The St. John’s team continues to explore the treatment, prevention and
diagnosis of these complex, often invisible, injuries.

mt_ignoreIt’s important to support the work being done here, as every
advancement will help rehabilitate our injured colleagues. Healthcare
leadership is not only about great care today; it’s also about striking
out into new territory to develop great care for tomorrow. St. John’s
Rehab actively works with and seeks research partners to advance
rehabilitation science and to study successful patient recovery.

Research allows St. John’s to continuously improve how it offers care.
Its rehab research program is closely interwoven with everyday
interdisciplinary clinical practice—examining and solving issues
identified by patients themselves during the recovery process.

Sustained resources through either endowed or multi-year funds will
create tomorrow’s advances in rehabilitation care. For example, did you
know that $200,000 will help fund a research program in the hospital’s
burn, cancer, musculoskeletal, stroke or transplant research units.

Stay tuned for more information. Meantime, check out the video teaser
above, and click the St. John’s logo to donate to this worthy

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