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Exfo acquires PicoSolve

February 9, 2009  By Anthony Capkun

Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has acquired Sweden’s PicoSolve Inc., a private test and measurement company offering optical sampling oscilloscopes for 40G and 100G R&D, manufacturing and deployment applications.

in 2004 by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in
Gothenburg, PicoSolve provides high-speed optical sampling
oscilloscopes to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) involved in the
design and production of next-generation optical networks. Network
service providers (NSPs) will also require such high-end test equipment
for their deployment initiatives, says Exfo.

modulation schemes, in which data is encoded in both phase and
amplitude of the optical carrier, allow NEMs to reach ultra-high
network speeds using existing DWDM channel spacing, says Exfo, while
maintaining resilience to chromatic and polarization dispersion
phenomena. Full characterization of this ultra-high-speed encoding
represents a significant test and measurement challenge for both NEMs
and NSPs.

currently has the only bit rate-independent test solution that can
measure such phase- and amplitude-modulated signals with a measurement
bandwidth of more than 500 GHz, adds the company, yielding a
sub-picosecond temporal resolution.

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