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Extech 42509 dual-laser IR thermometer

April 29, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Extech added an infrared (IR) thermometer that features dual laser pointers to identify the 12-in. convergence distance, and an alert system that changes the display colour when an alarm is triggered. The 42509 is also Extech’s fastest-responding IR, with a 150 millisecond response time. The audible alarm alerts the user when a temperature exceeds a custom high or low set point; it’s complemented by a brightly illuminated display that changes from blue for normal conditions to bright red for alarm conditions. Designed for high temperatures, the tool measures up to 950°F, and adjustable emissivity increases the measurement accuracy for a variety of surfaces. When scanning rapidly changing temperatures, the convenient MAX mode captures and holds the highest value during a scan while the HOLD feature freezes the most recent reading on the display. For improved ergonomics during long-term monitoring or for hands-free use, the lock function permits continuous readings without use of the trigger.



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