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Feds help fund Inventys “solid” CO2 capture technology

July 14, 2016 – “There’s a more solid way to capture CO2”, says cleantech company Inventys and—thanks to the Government of Canada and $275,000—it may soon be more accessible to the world.

This funding will go toward the development of Inventys’ VeloxoTherm system, a non-toxic technology that captures CO2 from post-combustion emissions and is used by the energy and industrial sectors for greenhouse gas reduction.

VeloxoTherm uses “patented adsorbent structures and a rapid cycle thermal swing process to avoid the high costs associated with other conventional carbon capture processes”, the company notes.

“Inventys has the potential to develop a Canadian-made, new-to-the-world adsorption technology for carbon capture that removes the barriers to a low-carbon economy,” said Inventys’ executive chairman Wayne Thomson. “Funding from NRC-IRAP and the program’s hands-on approach continues to have a significant impact on the development of our transformative energy technology.”

The investment is made through the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). NRC-IRAP says it has worked with Inventys (based in Burnaby, B.C.) since 2008, “attracting other investors and influencing the company’s growth from three to 22 employees”.