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Fluke Connect Assets makes predictive maintenance possible

June 18, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

June 18, 2015 – Fluke says its Connect Assets, a cloud-based wireless system of software and test tools, changes the way equipment maintenance is documented, reported, and managed.

Connect Assets gives maintenance managers a view of all critical equipment—including baseline, historical, and current test tool measurement data, current status, and past inspection data—enabling them to set up and sustain a predictive maintenance (PdM) or condition-based maintenance (CBM) system.

According to Fluke, it features “the industry’s only one-touch measurement transfer,” from more than 30 Fluke Connect-enabled test tools, eliminating manual recording of measurements.

The system’s features also allow maintenance managers to analyze multiple types of predictive data (for example, electrical, vibration, infrared images) in one program.


Additionally, Connect Assets includes mobile alarms to notify the team when measurements exceed a user-defined threshold, and TrendIt Plus, a feature that allows multiple session graphing.

Download the PDF below to see other ways the system handles equipment maintenance.

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