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Fluke SAFETY NOTICE and RECALL of 33x digital clamp meters

July 13, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

Fluke is voluntarily recalling certain 333, 334, 335, 336 and 337 digital clamp meters that were manufactured between 29 January 2008 and 27 February 2009.

Fluke has discovered a potential short circuit connection on the
circuit board. This may lead to inaccurate voltage readings including a
low or no voltage reading on a circuit energized with a hazardous
voltage. This finding could create a hazardous situation if the user
were to contact live voltage based on an erroneous instrument reading.
No injuries or damage has been reported.

The following models are affected:

• 337 (S/N 96310001 to 98890607)
• 336 (S/N 96360001 to 98900400)
• 335 (S/N 97160001 to 98860104)
• 334 (S/N 97180001 to 98870101)
• 333 (S/N 97170001 to 98880240)


Note: Serial numbers with the suffix ‘R’ or the prefix ‘S’ are not included in this recall.

If you own one of these clamp meters, stop using it and send it back to
Fluke for replacement. If you are not the primary user of the Fluke 33x
series clamp meter, pass this notice along to the appropriate people
within your organization.

CLICK HERE to access the Return Form. Fluke will send you a prepaid
mailer to return your unit at no cost. (Do not send test leads, cases
or other accessories.) Keep a copy of the serial number for your
records. When Fluke receives your clamp meter, it will send you, free
of charge, a replacement unit. For more information, call (800)
363-5853 Monday-Friday.

“We are undertaking this voluntary recall because we place tremendous
importance on our customer’s safety and the reputation of our
products,” says Fluke. “Please accept our apologies for any
inconvenience caused by this action.”

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