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Four new WattStopper commercial multiway occupancy sensors

February 21, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

WattStopper has unveiled four new multi-way wall switch occupancy sensors for lighting control in commercial spaces with more than one entrance or switch location. The sensors provide full-function, multi-way control and install using traditional three- and four-way wiring. The product offering includes what WattStopper claims is the industry’s first dual-relay, multi-way occupancy sensors, facilitating economical control of bi-level lighting or multiple loads. Multi-way sensors are available in passive infrared (PIR) and WattStopper’s patented dual-technology models. The new offerings include the PW-103N single-relay PIR sensor with selectable LED nightlight with three colour options; PW-200 dual-relay PIR sensor; DW-103 single-relay, dual-technology sensor; and DW-203 dual-relay/technology sensor.


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