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Free network assessment from D-Link

June 8, 2008
By Alyssa Dalton

D-Link recently announced a Free Network Assessment Offer in which company sales engineers meet one-on-one with SMEs (small to medium enterprises) or Enterprise network administrators to quantify the needs of their specific network environments and present available options.

program (valued at $2499.99, says D-Link) addresses common concerns,
such as whether to upgrade to gigabit, building a secure wireless
network, upgrading storage, securing a warehouse with IP camera
solutions, and other questions about an existing network.

During 2008, D-Link will offer one-on-one sessions at all end-user tradeshow and exhibitions throughout the year.

participate, contact a D-Link sales engineer prior to the event to book
an exclusive meeting. For a limited time, those participating in the
program will receive a 15% discount on qualifying D-Link product
purchases made within 30 days of the network assessment. CLICK HERE to
register online.


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