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General Electric Evolve LED R150 cobrahead

April 24, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

GE Lighting Solutions combined the traditional HID streetlight with LED technology and the Evolve optic light engine to create the R150 cobrahead luminaire. The Evolve design optimizes distribution, reduces glare and offers high utilization, says the company. The contoured housing closely resembles existing fixtures in the field, and incorporates a heat-sink fin design that, GE says, provides excellent thermal management for extended LED life while allowing for water run-off, minimizing dirt build-up on the exterior. GE says the LED photometric control contributes to colour consistency, greater optical control to provide light only where desired, improved fixture efficiency for lower operating cost, and better control of spill light to reduce light trespass. The R150 cobrahead can offer a 10-year+ service life and has field-replaceable components when maintenance is necessary. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)


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