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Greenlee calls micro cable and bolt cutter “smart upgrade” (ES32FML, EBS12ML)

October 19, 2016 | By Renée Francoeur

October 19, 2016 – Greenlee Textron is calling its micro cable cutters and micro bolt cutters a “smart upgrade from manual tools” as they are “ergonomically designed to reduce injuries from extended use of manual hand tools, while improving the cutting and crimping process for copper cable, fine stranded copper cable, bolts, and basket-style cable tray”.

These tools use a 10.8V battery platform compatible with the existing EK50ML micro crimping tool.

They also cut in less than eight seconds, according to the company. The cutting speed of the ES32ML copper cable cutter, ES32FML fine stranded copper cable cutter, and the EBS12ML bolt cutter is three times faster than traditional manual ratchet cutters, Greenlee adds. The ES32ML has the capacity to cut 600 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum cable, and the ES32FML has the capacity to cut 1 1/4-in. fine stranded copper cable. The EBS12ML cuts common bolts up to 1-2 in. along with threaded rod, rebar, steel rod, guy wire and wire mesh cable tray.

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