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Greenlee launches new AirScout Wi-Fi test solution

June 12, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

June 12, 2015 – Greenlee says its new AirScout “goes beyond simple test and measurement by validating a home for Wi-Fi readiness and identifying solutions to solve potential problems”. AirScout is designed to characterize the Wi-Fi environment, optimize the wireless network setup, and produce an on-screen report, the company added.

AirScout measures multiple locations simultaneously, then uses the data to select the best channel and optimum location of the wireless access point, Greenlee said. To do this, the system surveys the Wi-Fi environment, produces a heat map, and provides a Quality of Experience (QoE) score that can be shared with the subscriber.

“AirScout takes testing to the next level, bringing the rigor of real world Wi-Fi performance testing into an easy-to-use automated solution that provides visibility into the subscribers Wi-Fi experience,” said Jason Byrne, director of product management for Greenlee Communications.
“Currently, most technicians installing services have limited tools to support Wi-Fi network installations, if any,” Byrne said. “The actual customer’s Wi-Fi user experience is a blind spot that is costing the operators millions in customer support, truck rolls, and increased churn.”


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