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Hastings promotes lineworker safety, produces non-contact Voltage Detector

October 18, 2022 | By Staff

As a worldwide manufacturer of hot line tools and equipment, Hastings understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product, including our Voltage Detector, with safety in mind.

This live tester, non-contact Voltage Detector ensures the safety of every lineworker by giving them the voltage information they need to make the right decisions. Static discriminator technology exclusive to Hastings’ Live Tester provides more reliable detection on low voltage ranges, meaning no more false alarms.

Featuring a water-resistant design, Hastings’ Voltage Detector includes an electronic touchpad with 11 range settings from 240v to 230KV and 2 URD settings, 15KV and 25KV. Each Detector has a built-in self-test function, a high-quality beeper, visual and audible operator feedback, and an auto power-off function.

The product also incorporates an all-in-one universal attachment and a shotgun adapter into the handle. Weighing less than 1 pound total, Hastings’ Voltage Detector provides convenience and confidence.


Additional product information is available in Hastings’ online catalog, page 503.

Since 1959, Hastings has pioneered the design and fabrication of hot line tools to withstand today’s toughest field conditions. With a passionate commitment to innovation, Hastings products make the job safer and easier.

For more information about Hastings and its offerings, call 269.945.9541 or visit www.hfgp.com.

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