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Health Canada says glass shards are CFLs only danger – EEMAC agrees

February 25, 2010
By Anthony Capkun

The Lighting Section of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Association of Canada (EEMAC) says it supports (understandably) Health Canada’s assertion that the only health risk associated with a broken CFL is being cut by glass shards.

This stems from a Health Canada report “Survey of Ultraviolet Radiation
and Electric and Magnetic Fields from Compact Fluorescent Lamps”, whose
findings put to rest any speculation, says EEMAC, that CFLs cause harm
to the general public. (Apparently, there has been some concern over
exposure to UV radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that CFLs
produce. This Health Canada report dismisses these concerns.)

“The report and findings from Natural Resources Canada and Heath Canada
should reinforce CFLs value to consumers and stem any negativity
associated with ultraviolet (UV) radiation and electromagnetic fields
(EMFs),” says EEMAC.

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