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Honeywell lands 78mil contract for 10 LEED Alberta schools

April 30, 2010
By Anthony Capkun

Honeywell announced a $78-million contract with B2L Partnership, which is contracted to the province of Alberta to deliver a total asset management program for 10 new kindergarten through Grade 9 schools in Calgary and Edmonton.

Honeywell will be responsible for the performance and maintenance of all
the facilities over the next 30 years, as well as design support and
installation of climate control, fire and security systems in the
schools—which will be built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design (LEED) Silver certification requirements.

“The P3 model allows us to focus on our core mission of educational
excellence,” said John Gibson, project director for the Government of
Alberta. “We’re able to leverage the facilities expertise of partners
like Honeywell, and provide value for money to the province and
taxpayers. We look forward to bringing these green, energy-efficient
schools online, knowing they will be well-maintained for decades to come
and have no deferred maintenance at the end.”

The contract builds on a previous total asset management agreement for
the construction and upkeep of 18 new LEED Silver-certified schools.
Honeywell has started to assume maintenance responsibility for several
schools, which have been completed ahead of schedule.


The Honeywell program and overarching partnership will provide the
Calgary and Edmonton districts, says the company, 10 additional
facilities at a guaranteed cost below what it would take the province to
build the schools and maintain them for 30 years.

Honeywell is part of a consortium responsible for the P3 agreement that
includes financier B2L Partnership and builders Bird-Graham Schools A
Joint Venture. Up front, Honeywell will help design and install the
HVAC, fire and security systems in each school. The company will tie
these systems together with its Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI)
platform, which will help achieve the buildings’ LEED Silver
certification through comfort, air quality and energy consumption

Once the new schools are complete, Honeywell will be responsible for
comprehensive facility management over the next three decades. This
includes service for all mechanical and automation equipment, building
envelope repairs, infrastructure upgrades and replacement, and grounds
work. The company will also look for opportunities to improve energy
efficiency and reduce related costs. (Custodial work and utility
expenses are not included.)

By having a monthly fixed-price contract for facility services, the
province will lower its typical operating costs for schools. In
addition, Honeywell guarantees its work through performance indicators
outlined in the agreement, including standards for temperature, safety
and response times.

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