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Hubbell’s HBLC LED designed specifically for bridge cranes

November 23, 2014
By Anthony Capkun


November 23, 2014 – Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s new HBLC LED is a solution designed specifically for heavy industrial bridge cranes.

It promises controlled and evenly distributed light below the cranes for safety and visibility. Requiring 169W of input power, the fixture can be powered with either DC power (170vdc through 390vdc) or AC (120vac through 277vac). The LEDs deliver up to 16,808 lumens with an efficacy of 99 lumens/W, and custom-engineered optics. The HBLC LED can be installed at both 0° and 90° hanging orientations, and features a hinged housing for servicing. The LED source resists vibration and the fixture is completely sealed and wet-location rated.

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