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Hydro One building permanent location for Orléans Operations Centre

January 23, 2014  By  Anthony Capkun

January 22, 2014 – Hydro One says it is building a permanent operations centre at 3450 Frank Kenny Road to serve 39,000 customers in the Orléans, Navan, Rockland and surrounding area. By investing in a permanent Orléans operations centre, Hydro One says it will reduce operation costs and increase productivity by reducing travel time.

“Hydro One is committed to meeting the needs of our customers in the Orléans, Navan and surrounding areas,” said Peter Gregg, CEO. “Through investing in the community, we will increase reliability, reduce costs and better serve our customers.”

In addition to the new operations centre, Hydro One says it is meeting the growing demand for electricity in Orléans and Rockland by investing $33.4 million in a new transmission station. The new station will increase capacity in the area and is expected to be in service in Spring 2015. Ottawa Parks and Hydro One are working together to build a cricket pitch in the green space next to the station.


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