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Hydro One Networks Dist-Gen 50kV and lower interconnections

March 31, 2009
By Anthony Capkun

March 31, 2009

PUBLIC INPUT! Hydro One Networks Inc. has developed a set of standard interface design requirements for distributed generation (dist-gen) developments connecting to the its distribution system. “Distributed Generation Technical Interconnection Requirements—Interconnections at Voltages 50kV and Below” provides both requirements and guidelines that will apply to all generator installations on the Hydro One distribution system.

This document is now available on Hydro One’s WEBSITE,
and public input is being sought from all interested parties (dist-gen
owners, consultants, LDCs [local distribution companies],
manufacturers, etc.). The Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
will also be kept informed and asked for comment. Consideration will be
given to all ideas and opinions, and a revised official version of this
document will be posted shortly after the public consultation period

Stakeholder consultation process:

Opportunities for input and comment will be available for four weeks,
closing April 23. E-mail dgconnectionreq@hydroone.com with your

• In the
process of working through the input and comments, Hydro One may
request meetings with the interested parties to address specific issues.

• Hydro
One will hold a workshop to provide an opportunity for multi-lateral
discussion. The agenda for this meeting will follow the receipt of
comments. Details on the time and location of this meeting will be
posted on Hydro One’s WEBSITE.

• This
is a public consultation. All questions/comments/input—and associated
responses—will be posted online. All project-specific questions should
be directed to your account executive. The comments will be posted as
they are received and responses will be updated frequently.

• In
addition, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be posted,
and may include some background material to provide further explanation
of Hydro One’s requirements.

• Please
review the questions and responses already posted, as well as the FAQ
section, as your comments or concerns may have already been answered.

At the
end of this process, Hydro One will post an official version of the
standard entitled “Distributed Generation Technical Requirements:
Interconnections at 50kV and Below” on its WEBSITE. Please feel to e-mail dgconnectionreq@hydroone.com to submit any questions or comments regarding this consultation process.


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