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Hydro-Quebec’s commitments that “recognize the vitality of Indigenous peoples”

February 16, 2022 | By Anthony Capkun

February 16, 2022 – In a declaration presented at the Grand Economic Circle of Indigenous People and Quebec (November 2021), Hydro-Quebec reaffirmed its “dedication to developing and strengthening our dialogue with the First Nations and the Inuit Nation so that, together, we can chart a path that leads to our common goals”.

“We have a shared history with the First Nations and the Inuit Nation—some of it positive, and some of it painful,” said Sophie Brochu, president & CEO of Hydro-Quebec. “Today, we are looking to the future with commitments that recognize the vitality of Indigenous peoples.”

Hydro-Quebec announced the following actions:

• Develop a procurement strategy with Indigenous companies in collaboration with Indigenous economic stakeholders.
• Organize a forum on the Indigenous workforce with the objective of becoming an employer of choice in the communities.
• Contribute $500,000 to the creation of the First Nations Executive Education program, which will be available at HEC Montréal.
• Create an initiative to support entrepreneurship among women from First Nations and the Inuit Nation.


“We value the wisdom of the elders and the vibrancy of youth in Indigenous communities,” Brochu continued. “It is with the strength of men and women of all ages from these nations that we will work together on writing this new chapter.”

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