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HyLite LED NexGen Post-Top Intigo Lamps 

September 28, 2022 | By Staff

The Next Generation of Compact, Energy-Efficient, and High Lumen Output Lamps are here!

The NexGen LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps are Heavy-duty, Industrial Grade Lamps with Highly Efficient Lighting Design and offer Excellent Illumination all around. Saving between 67%-90% they significantly Reduce Energy Consumption and Re-lamping Costs. Designed for Easy Installation in New and Existing Fixtures, the NexGen LED Lamps are suitable for Damp Locations and for Fully Enclosed Fixtures which make them Excellent for use in a Variety of Applications.

The Next Gen Post-Top Intigo Lamps comes in these wattages 30W & 50W that replace HID equivalent from 100W to 250W of Traditional HID Lighting.

The NexGen Intigo Post Top Lamps Enhances Vision with Better Optical Acuity for Increased Visibility and Security. It also reduces Light Pollution, while providing Clean, Crisp Light. Suitable for Fully Enclosed Fixtures and Damp Locations, its Compact Size makes it an ideal replacement for CFL, MV, HID, and HPS Lamps in Existing Post-Top Fixtures. The Rugged Industrial Design is Shatter-Proof, High Shock & High Vibration Resistant. With a 360° beam angle the NexGen Intigo Post Top provides Uniform & Even Light Distribution. The new Intigo Post Top Lamps has a cool operation that does not add to the heat load while producing brilliant light.

The NexGen LED Post-Top Intigo Lamps are ideal for replacement of traditional CFL, MV, HID and HPS Lamps. Quick and Easy Installation make it an Easy Retrofit into the Existing Socket. With Lamp Life of up to 60,000 hours, they significantly decrease Maintenance and Disposal Costs. The NexGen LED Lamps having Universal Input Voltage of 100-277V or 120-347V that ideally makes them for use anywhere in the world.


For More information visit our website HyLiteLEDLighting.com/nexgenproducts.

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