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Ideal VDV II verifiers for voice/data/video cables

July 14, 2014 | By Alyssa Dalton

July 14, 2014 – Ideal Industries has launched its VDV II series of cable verifiers to check the integrity and detect wiring faults in low-voltage copper cables in residential, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations, including telephone wiring, LAN (CAT 5 to CAT 7, UTP and STP) and coaxial cabling.

Available in three versions to serve various applications, the verifier boasts an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in the palm on the user’s hand. According to the company, the unit identifies wiring errors instantly, capturing comprehensive details on faults such as opens, shorts, reverses, miswires and split pairs that can slow a network or take it down completely. Troubleshooting active Ethernet networks is also made easier with in-built network detection that displays network rate and duplex information, it adds.

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