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Ideal Wire-Nut 73B awarded air handling space rating

January 7, 2015
By Anthony Capkun


January 7, 2015 – Ideal Industries says its Wire-Nut 73B wire connector line has received the UL 2043 Air Handling Safety Rating, enabling electricians to use 73B Black or Orange wire connectors on Class 2 or low-voltage connections inside plenums, ducts and other spaces used for environmental air handling without enclosing the connection within an electrical box.

“The Ideal Wire-Nut 73B wire connector—with its fire-retardant thermoplastic shell—has been verified to limit the amount of smoke and heat generated when exposed to a fire,” said Ideal’s Ben Swedberg. “Being able to now use this connector without the need for installing a J-box in these types of areas can save an electrician time and money.” The standard 73B (Orange) has a square-wire spring to eliminate the pre-twisting of wire for installation, and is rated for up to 600V and 105 C. It is suitable for low-voltage wiring in air handling spaces where a box is not required, such as speakers, video cables, or security/alarm systems. The 73B (Black) boasts the same features, but is rated up to 150 C.

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