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IEEE approves 1547.4 Guide for Designing and Operating Distributed Resource Islands

October 3, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

September 27, 2011 – IEEE—a global professional association “advancing technology for humanity”—announced that IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board has approved IEEE 1547.4 “Guide for Design, Operation, and Integration of Distributed Resource Island Systems with Electric Power Systems”. IEEE 1547.4 provides alternative approaches and best practices for designing, operating, and integrating distributed resource (DR) island systems with electric power systems (EPS).

There are several types of DR island systems, but they all share the ability to generate their own electric power, as well as the ability to connect and disconnect from the EPS that serves a wider geographic area. Customer facility micro-grids and electric utility distribution circuit micro-grids are two instances of planned DR islands. Distributed resources include both generators and energy storage technologies.

DR islands can operate autonomously from the larger grid infrastructure and, according to IEEE, they are rapidly gaining popularity because they have the adaptability necessary to use an assortment of energy sources, including renewables such as wind and solar. Local power generation and storage allow portions of the grid and critical components to operate independently of the larger grid when needed. Another reason for their popularity is that, during planning, all interested parties can decide upon appropriate local control and levels of power quality. DR island systems are complex infrastructures, and the interconnections to and from the larger grid must be carefully planned to be successful.



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