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IPEX launches Scepter JBox in North America

May 26, 2016 – IPEX, a supplier of thermoplastic piping systems, presents the Scepter JBox, a solution that “meets market needs—ranging from increased interior space and improved strength to ease of installation and durability”.

IPEX says the “contractor-friendly” Scepter JBox was re-engineered to include:

• Patented “leak-free” gasket that meets a range of NEMA ratings is integrated into the cover;
• Corrosion-resistant, “close-by-hand and tool-assist to open”;
• Flat, smooth cover feature, free of any supporting ribs, for mounting of devices or labels;
• Increased volume capacity—the largest in the industry, IPEX claims;
• Embossed gridlines for reference to drill knockouts;
• Moulded mounting feet on all four corners;
• PVC body that is resistant to impact in a wide range of temperatures, according to the company, and is not adversely affected by water or chemicals.


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