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IWES skills training program launches in Ontario

April 25, 2010  By Anthony Capkun

April 25, 2010

The Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) is a new, three-year, multi-intake skills training pilot program in Ontario, launched with the intention of helping global ICT (information & communications technology) talent develop the skills needed to integrate successfully into the workplace.

“The Information and Communications Technology Council [ICTC] and the
Government of Ontario are creating exciting new opportunities for
newcomers to contribute their skills and talents to employers in
Ontario’s growing technology sector,” said Dr. Eric Hoskins, minister of
citizenship and immigration. “Our ‘Open Ontario Plan’ is helping
businesses thrive, create jobs and build innovative new products to sell
to the world. It’s a win-win situation.”

IWES provides six weeks of intensive in-classroom training focusing on
workplace cultural intelligence and communication, business networking,
and community connections and mentoring, followed by a minimum of three
months of guided work experience (practicum) with an ICT employer.


“Internationally educated professionals—particularly in the [ICT]
field—bring enormous wealth of education and expertise to Ontario that
can help to drive increased innovation and productivity,” said Paul D.
Swinwood, president of ICTC. “IWES will help to bring highly skilled
global talent together with employers and bridge the skills mismatch
challenge in the ICT sector.”

The program is being offered by ICTC in partnership with JVS Toronto at
its Markham location.

“After World War II, we helped Jewish immigrants find jobs in Toronto.
Today, with this partnership, we’re able to serve immigrants from
different backgrounds with diverse needs on an entirely different
level,” said Karen Goldenberg, CEO and president of JVS Toronto. “It’s a
thrill to be part of this exciting venture, which takes us back to our

The deadline for the next round of applications for the program is May
14, 2010.

CLICK HERE for more information about the eligibility criteria,
components, and application procedure.

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