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Keeping an eye on Fall 2021 • from the editor, September 2021

September 21, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

September 21, 2021 – Honestly, did any of us believe we would still be in this situation a full year and a half later? On the plus side, building permits have remained mostly on the positive side in 2021, and the prices of some buildings materials (I’m looking at you, lumber!) have stabilized and/or come down.

For me, it’s been a busy couple of months. Although we don’t publish the magazine during the summer, we are continuously reporting news, conducting interviews, cutting videos and so on. We’ve bid farewell to Sheri McLean, long-time executive director of Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta, and welcomed her replacement, Robin Bobocel.

We highlighted Canada’s Best Managed Companies, focusing on those carrying out electrical work, or serving those who do; Iberville and Microlectric are celebrating anniversaries this year; IPEX is constructing “one of the most advanced plastics manufacturing facilities in the industry”; Guillevin acquired The Rock’s McLoughlan Supplies.

A special highlight for me was my interview with Lorraine Deuville, which will appear in an upcoming edition of Electrical Business. She is among Nova Scotia’s first female journeymen and, at age 72, is still on the tools. “I should hope to die on the job,” she says proudly. “That would be the most pleasant place to go.”


There’s so much more, all of which you’ll find at EBMag.com (where you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter), and more exclusives coming to the pages of Electrical Business.

Unfortunately, this edition will have gone to press before the results of the federal election. The previous government was spending and committing billions of dollars on net zero initiatives, electrified transport and rebates, energy efficiency, cleantech, and so on.

On the surface, this is a good thing for the electrical trade, which plays an important role in energy, especially the “clean” variety. I am concerned, however, that it may be too much, too soon, and these various initiatives won’t be able to sustain themselves.

So I’m curious to see what the fall will bring and, as always, Electrical Business will be here to discuss the things that impact your electrical business… for good or ill.

— Anthony Capkun, acapkun@ebmag.com.

This column—plus more great content—appears in the September 2021 edition of Electrical Business Magazine. Even more back issues are located in our Digital Archive.

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