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Kim Lighting launches ArcheType X series

July 3, 2015
By Renée Francoeur


July 3, 2015 – Hubbell Lighting has launched what it’s calling the “first fully customizable light distribution outdoor LED luminaires”—Kim Lighting’s ArcheType X series. Available in a flood, wall or site/area luminaires, the ArcheType X has independently adjustable LED emitters—providing “limitless lighting distributions from one product family,” Hubbell said.

The ArcheType X includes the brand’s new LEAR (Light Engine Adjustable Ready) module. The Type X Distribution allows the fixture to be configured to any standard or custom distribution—either at the factory or in the field. The optics features 355-degree rotation with 70-degree module tilt, independent of the luminaire. If there’s a problem in the field, users can re-aim using the AGi 32 V.16.0 Design Isolines software and send the custom IES file to Kim Lighting who will create a modified template and send it back for field modification of the distribution.  
Available in lumen packages ranging from 10,500 to 30,000, the ArcheType X comes in three sizes that can be either an uplight or downlight based on tilt and rotation.

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