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Kohler Power Systems debuts standardized paralleling system

November 4, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Kohler Power Systems unveiled its Decision-Maker paralleling system: a Kohler designed and branded, factory prototype-tested, standardized product approach to “sum of the parts” backup power generation. Designed as a system, Decision-Maker consists of three components engineered specifically for genset paralleling, and can be specified across Kohler’s entire line (100kW to 3250kW) of industrial gaseous- and diesel-power generators. Decision-Maker 6000 is the control unit; in a multi-generator array, each generator comes equipped with a DEC 6000. Interconnected communications facilitates power synchronization and load sharing, as well as system-protective functions and breaker control through system-wide monitoring of generator frequency, voltage and load. The power distribution switchboard provides a power output consolidation hub and houses the necessary breakers for the generators and loads. By combining the power from multiple generators, Kohler’s switchboard achieves the final desired power output to support a facility’s electrical load needs. Adding enhanced capability to Decision-Maker paralleling system, Kohler’s Master Control Panel (MCP) component supports load shedding/adding based on critical load needs.


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