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Legrand signals intent “to advance connectivity and intelligence” with Eliot

November 10, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

November 10, 2016 (Updated November 14 with photo gallery) – EBMag’s Renée Francoeur was in New York, N.Y., as Legrand—along with partners Amazon Alexa, Samsung and Cisco—launched Eliot: an IoT (internet of things) program that “advances connectivity and intelligence in the built environment and enhances value in the use of connected products”.

“I’m sure our electrical contractors have been following along with the Internet of Things and wondering when and how that will affect them.” said John Selldorff, CEO of Legrand North & Central America. “And so, Eliot is a way to identify those products that fit in that world of connected devices, of things that communicate with the internet that might be talking to the cloud and separate that from traditional products that they buy and install everyday.”

He adds, “What we’re trying to do is have a common framework and structure, make sure everyone understands that if you’re dealing with Eliot, you’ll have the same way to communicate, to ensure secure installations and reliable ones so they can get in off the job quickly.”

Eliot offers a purpose-built cloud, gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively connected new products, and solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services, says Legrand.


“The success of IoT requires proximity to both the people who will use IoT devices and services, and to the power and data connectivity that will enable those IoT devices and services,” said Stephen Schoffstall, chief marketing officer. “Electrical real estate where people live and work is fundamental to the success of IoT. Legrand and our partners are optimally positioned to flip the IoT switch on electrical real estate and transform spaces into highly connected, highly efficient and autonomous environments.”

Legrand is targeting double-digit average annual sales growth for connected products by 2020, and doubling the number of connected product families from 20 in 2014 to 40 in 2020.

“Advanced connectivity and the application of practical but progressive smart building strategies will transform the spaces in which people live and work,” Selldorff continued. “Eliot brings us closer to a world where residential and commercial buildings will be smarter and better connected, easier to design and build, and deliver simpler yet more productive occupant experiences.”

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Photos: R. Francoeur.

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