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Light up a Christmas Tree with an electric eel; Électrium shows you how

November 28, 2013 | By Anthony Capkun

November 28, 2013 – During the holidays, Hydro-Quebec’s Electricity Interpretation Centre welcomes your family and lets young explorers discover the world of science, and you can admire a Christmas tree lit up with electricity made by the utility’s electric eel… all for free.

But electricity won’t take the entire spotlight at the Électrium. From December 27 to 30, and from January 3 to 6, budding scientists will get to participate in workshops developed just for them about subjects as varied as the mystery of air, dinosaurs, Newton’s lessons, time and measurement, the chemistry of dry ice, electric circuits and more. Each day will feature a new theme.

For detailed programming, workshop schedules or to reserve your place, contact the Électrium team at (800) 267-4558 or visit www.hydroquebec.com/visit . Spaces are limited.

Hydro-Quebec’s Électrium offers guided tours adapted to different visitor groups and several interactive modules, so you can learn more about the electric phenomena that surround you. For example, you can explore electricity’s role on the human body and its effect on our reflexes… and even get to test who in your family has the fastest reflexes!

Throughout your visit, you’ll get to discover the nature of electricity and how to generate it, and learn about electrical and magnetic fields. And, you’ll have fun seeing how static electricity affects your hair with the Van de Graaff generator.

The Électrium is located in Sainte-Julie, Exit 87 off Highway 30, in the Monteregie region.

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