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Lind launches All-in-One Beacon LED Tower light

February 24, 2020 | By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Photo: Lind

Lind Equipment recently launched its All-in-One Beacon LED Tower, which boasts all the functionality of three separate lighting assets in one package.

A Beacon LED Tower can be used as a generator-powered light tower, a no-glare diffuser light tower and an electric-powered light tower. This product includes all the same features of previous models, such as a tough exterior, 30,000 lumen weatherproof light heads, IP65 wet-location rated usability, and more.

This model also allows contractors to use one tower for different types of jobs. This full-power light tower can illuminate remote construction sites with an onboard generator as small as 1000W. It is durable and rugged enough for construction sites. For areas that require diffused, no-glare lighting, the All-in-One can do that with clip-on diffuser frames. Each frame attaches and detaches to the light head in under one minute. In addition, the tower light can operate quietly without any fumes from an external power source, which makes it a good choice for indoor applications.

The no-glare diffuser frames allow the All-in-One Beacon Tower to be used on concrete and road work. Traditional balloon lighting produces light in all directions – including straight up. The All-in-One Beacon LED Tower uses separate diffuser frames for each light head, providing contractors with the ability to adjust the light heads in the direction illumination is needed.


The product’s removable frames allow contractors to attach them to light facing into traffic or public areas for no-glare lighting, and not attach them to the light heads facing into the construction work for additional bright light.

The no-glare diffuser covers are designed to be easy on the eyes, allowing anyone to stare straight into the light without difficulty. One the diffuser needs are completed, the frames can come off as quickly as they went on, stacked on top of one another, and placed into the carrying case.

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