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Manitoba new 4G wireless network launches today

March 31, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

March 31, 2011

MTS customers throughout Manitoba can begin enjoying the many benefits of the new MTS 4G network starting today, says MTS. The new network is available to 97% of Manitobans and provides customers with “extensive and reliable coverage, lightning-fast data speeds and an exciting new lineup of smartphones” (available at MTS Connect stores across the province).

“Our new high-speed 4G network offers MTS customers faster and more
reliable service as well as more wireless device choices,” said MTS
president Kelvin Shepherd. “Looking to the future, our investment in 4G
technology will allow us to focus on delivering more services that meet
our customers’ evolving needs, such as programming your MTS Ultimate TV
PVR with your MTS smartphone.”

“Today’s network launch marks an important milestone in MTS’s history,
and reflects a lot of hard work by our employees,” said Shepherd. “We
are also excited about today because we are launching a new advertising
campaign. We are bringing back a friend that many of our customers told
us they had missed. Check out our new commercial at
www.mts.ca/themortystory and find out who is back and better than ever.”


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