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Meet the CCCA, a New Cabling Association

January 19, 2008  By Alyssa Dalton

On January 15, Berk-Tek president Kevin St. Cyr announced the formation of a new structured cabling association called the Communications Cable and Connectivity Association (CCCA). St. Cyr serves as chair of the new group.


market for communications cable, components and materials has grown
into a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry. With the wide variety
of products, systems and applications now available, many leading
manufacturers, distributors and material suppliers recognized the need
for an unbiased, industry-based resource to better inform and educate
users and codes and standards bodies,” said St. Cyr, adding that there
was a collective desire to meet the performance, safety and
environmental demands of the marketplace by offering recommended best

will also be proactive at codes and standards bodies and other trade,
industry and governmental organizations in communicating and
influencing policy and decisions affecting the quality, performance and
societal needs of the structured cabling infrastructure.

St. Cyr
added: “CCCA is expected to flourish as an organization attracting new
members that represent the vast majority of manufacturers and
distributors of communications cables, connectivity, materials and
related components. That also means we want to work closely with other
trade and industry organizations to share information and advance
technologies to improve safety, performance and environmental impact”.


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