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Mega Snake cable tray tackles those crooked runs

September 13, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


September 13, 2013 – When your cable tray installation is not a straight run, consider using Snake Tray’s hand-bendable Mega Snake—a pre-configured high-capacity overhead cable tray that comes in straights, turns and Ts to simplify installation.

Mega Snake’s design can convey thousands of cables for large runs, says the company, adding that Snake Rail—a built-in suspension system—requires no brackets, and allows for random placement of the hanging rod system. Snake Rail interfaces with other-sized Snake Tray trays, as well as patch panels, strain relief and fiber optic pass-over devices. Mega Snake, boasts Snake Tray, is the first large-sized cable tray to be built that nests together for “cost-effective shipping and easy onsite handling”.

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