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Megger insulation resistance tester MIT1525 rated at 15kV

August 7, 2014
By Alyssa Dalton


August 7, 2014 – Megger is offering the insulation resistance tester (IRT) MIT1525 rated at 15kV, which measures motors and generators above 34,500V and equipment rated above 35kV.

It tests the insulation resistance of high-voltage power cables and buses, large motor/generator windings as well as substation transformers. Suitable for applications that use cables, transformers, motors/generators, circuit breakers and bushings, the MIT1525 boasts 3000m-altitude operation and rapid charge capabilities. As well, it promises 5% accuracy with a maximum resistance up to 3 TΩ. Preconfigured diagnostic tests include Polarization Index, as well as a Step Voltage test, Dielectric Discharge test and Ramp test.

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