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Ministers have a meeting of minds regarding energy efficiency, grid resiliency and more

August 24, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

August 23, 2016 – At the conclusion of the 2016 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial energy and mines ministers reached a meeting of minds, of sorts, with regard to energy efficiency, electricity interties, smart grids and more. In particular:

• In the area of energy efficiency, ministers agreed to a framework and action plan on energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment.

• On electricity and strategic infrastructure, ministers agreed to explore collaboration on new and enhanced inter-jurisdictional electricity transmission interties, smart electricity grids and charging or refuelling stations for alternative-fuel vehicles.

• On technology and innovation, ministers welcomed the work of the innovation clusters on, for example, distributed power generation, noting these clusters are an effective mechanism for collaboration that can encourage federal, provincial and territorial governments and other stakeholders to leverage each other’s expertise and resources. Ministers also agreed to explore collaboration opportunities in clean technology.

• On international energy cooperation, ministers discussed how collaborative efforts across governments will support commitments made at the recent North American Leaders’ Summit, including the North American target for clean power, increased cross-border transmission of clean energy and enhanced resiliency of the North American grid.

Provincial and territorial ministers welcomed the collaboration of the federal government in the implementation of the Canadian Energy Strategy on specific initiatives in the areas of energy efficiency, energy technology and innovation, and energy delivery. This collaboration includes a commitment to reduce diesel use in Indigenous, remote and off-grid communities, and to convene a Pan-Canadian Summit to identify options to improve access to diesel alternatives.

The ministers will meet again in August 2017 in St. Andrews, N.B., for the next Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference.

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