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Moog relocating specialized slip ring production to Dartmouth, and hiring

October 28, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

“[...] it makes sense to leverage the great team and capabilities we have and apply it to the wind energy aftermarket”

October 28, 2021 – Moog Focal—an ocean technology company based in Dartmouth, N.S.—reports it is “undertaking further expansion into the renewable energy sector”. As a result, the company is hiring to fill roles “that will support their expected growth in renewable energy and other business areas”.

Specifically, Moog is relocating the production of a specialized slip ring line designed for aftermarket wind turbines from the United States to Dartmouth, This is part of the company’s expansion in the wind turbine segment.

A slip ring makes an electrical connection from a stationary object to a rotating one. Wind turbines use slip rings to conduct electricity between the upper spinning portion to the fixed base, explains a Moog spokesperson.


“Many slip ring designs on the market today require maintenance to clean away wear debris—flush out oil and dirt—and lubricate,” continues the spokesperson. “Sometimes, maintenance teams have to climb a windmill and replace the entire slip ring—an even tougher job for offshore wind farms. Wind turbine makers and operators want products that reduce the need for technicians to be in the turbines, which keep costs down and the power On.”

The company says it is ramping up operations, and has started the hiring process to expand production capabilities, with full production expected by late 2021.

The integration of aftermarket wind energy slip rings to Moog Focal’s existing solutions allows the company to provide customers with additional support across a wider range of maritime applications, including offshore wind turbines, says the company.

“We have successfully demonstrated we can compete in the global wind energy market, so it makes sense to leverage the great team and capabilities we have and apply it to the wind energy aftermarket,” said Shawn Taylor, general manager, Moog Focal, adding that “this move also positions us to provide tremendous value to the growing offshore wind market.”

Check out the available career opportunities at Moog Focal.

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