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MSCI announces COMMStellation- a global satellite communications constellation

February 5, 2011
By Anthony Capkun


February 05, 2011

Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI, formerly the Space Division of Dynacon Inc.)—the designer and builder of the Multi Mission Microsatellite Bus (MMMB) and Commercial Microsatellite Bus (CMB)—announced the development of COMMStellation: a polar communications constellation comprising 78 microsatellites that will orbit the Earth at 1000 kilometres, providing backhaul capacity while connecting remote regions of the Earth to the internet. COMMStellation promises to provide essential backhaul capacity to mobile operators across the globe. MSCI says it is partnering with some of the “top global leaders in satellite-communications technology” to provide the antenna payload and to integrate with MSCI’s Multi Mission Microsatellite Bus architecture.



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