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Mutual aid agreement for electricity sector signed in NWT

March 26, 2020 | By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Last week, the Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) signed a mutual aid agreement through the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) that aims to provide reassurance to residents of Northwest Territories (NWT) by preventing disruptions to electricity services in the North during the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreement will allow NTPC to request aid from other utilities across Canada in the event addition resources are needed to maintain or restore power.

“As a small utility, our ability to respond to a significant outage or to maintain operations during a public health emergency can be impeded by the availability of appropriately-trained workers,” said Noel Voykin, president and CEO of NTPC. “This agreement ensures that we can reach out to our colleagues for assistance if needed.”

ATCO, the main shareholder of Northland Utilities (Yellowknife) Limited and Northland Utilities (NWT) Limited, had previously signed the agreement. NTPC and ATCO have agreed that the CEA agreement “will be used to govern any mutual aid required by either organization through the pandemic, and in the future. The strength of both organizations will be available to maintain electricity service across the NWT.”

According to NWT, any assistance provided through this agreement will be provided at cost by the company supplying assistance to the company requiring assistance. No costs will be incurred unless assistance is required.


According to Melanie Bayley, senior vice president & general manager, Electricity ATCO Group, the agreement will allow the territory to draw upon ATCO crews in Alberta and the Northwest Territories to ensure all customers continue to receive power during the current pandemic crisis.

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