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National Occupational Standards for electricity and renewables sector

May 3, 2012  By Anthony Capkun

May 2, 2012 – National Occupational Standards (NOSs) identify and group the tasks associated with a specific occupation. They describe the knowledge, skills, abilities and aptitudes a worker must demonstrate to be considered competent in that occupation. How can the Electricity Sector Council effectively address your workforce planning needs right now?

ESC has developed the following NOSs for your use:

• Electrical Engineering Technician and Technologist
• Electrical Power Station Operator
• Electrical Power Systems Operator
• Utilities Project Manager
• Power Protection and Control Technician
• Wind Turbine Technician
• Geo-Exchange Installer
• Solar Thermal Installer
• Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Well-developed NOSs enable the recognition of workers’ knowledge and skills across the entire Canadian labour market and facilitate labour mobility across all Canadian sectors, says ESC. NOSs can form the basis for training, curriculum development and accreditation of training programs, recruitment, performance, improvement and can promote employee retention by identifying career paths.


NOSs for the roles of Utilities Arborist and Cable Splicer are currently underway, and will be available for your use late 2012. Developed and validated with the input of employers, employees, labour and education, all ESC NOSs “have the seal of industry approval”.

Send the standards to educational or training institutions in your community. Help them do a better job of serving you and training potential employees. Also send them to career counselling associations who send potential employees to you. Help them understand your needs. Email ESC at info@brightfutures.ca to obtain a copy of the standards.

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