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NB Power’s Coleson Cove marks significant safety milestone

April 25, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

April 25, 2014 – NB Power’s Coleson Cove Generating Station marked a significant safety achievement this week: employees have worked 2 million person-hours with no lost-time injuries. Congratulations!

“Having operated over nine years [equivalent] without a lost-time injury demonstrates the calibre of workforce we are so proud to have at Coleson Cove,” said director of health and safety, Duff Boyd. “This achievement shows that our people are committed to safety, performing their work with quality, and helping NB Power to achieve its goal of being a top-performing utility.”

Located in west Saint John, N.B., Coleson Cove is a thermal generating station with the capacity to generate 1000MW with three boiler units. The plant employs about 95 workers who maintain and operate the facility. Entering confined spaces, working around high-voltage electrical equipment and handling hazardous materials are among the many tasks they perform regularly.

“We’re proud of the strong dedication and commitment to safety demonstrated by all employees at Coleson Cove,” said station manager Frank Langmaid. “It is vitally important that workers stay focused on the task at hand and look out for one another on the job. I applaud the staff for their efforts and continued commitment to a safe work environment.”


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