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Nedco, Westburne, Liteco parent launches Solar Energeasy

June 11, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

June 11, 2014 – The Rexel Group—parent company of Nedco, Westburne and Liteco in Canada—is launching the worldwide Solar Energeasy program, a “consumer-focused” solar photovoltaic solution.

“Through the Solar Energeasy service offer—and with the help of solid and trustworthy partners—Rexel is bringing a new dynamic to the photovoltaic market, strengthening its position as a leader in energy solutions, and proving its commitment to working alongside its installers to create value,” said David Shapiro, group director, services development & strategic partnerships.

Solar Energeasy aims to provide solar PV buyers (individuals or companies) access to a range of services. For example, customers can simulate the generation potential of their future installation online, translate it into revenue, calculate their CO2 emissions savings and find out the equivalent in the number of trees planted. Consumers can also use the website to find an installer close to home and request a quote online.

Rexel says it is demonstrating its commitment to driving the adoption of solar energy by offering a production warranty, and financing solutions through a financial intermediary. Additional services, such as the maintenance of solar panels, are also available through a third-party specialist.


Debuting in Belgium, Rexel says the program will be rolled out to other countries in the near future.

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