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NEMA publishes LL 9 dimming for T8s

August 23, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published LL 9-2009, “Dimming of T8 Fluorescent Lighting Systems”—a new standard.

This standard is the first coordinated guidance from industry on the
dimming of T8 fluorescent lighting systems. LL 9 covers ranges between
100% and about 35% output (60mA lamp current). The publication was a
result of discussions between manufacturers and end users, “as well as
years of data gathering, testing and analysis”.

“This standard is an important step forward into the harmonization of
dimming solutions for T8 fluorescent systems,” said S. Pekka
Hakkarainen, MA, Ph.D., Lighting Division vice-chair and Task Force on
Fluorescent Dimming Standards chair. ”As programs for energy efficiency
and for the effective application of lighting receive more and more
attention, this standard—and those that follow—will provide much-needed
guidance to the marketplace.”



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